Tobi Ogunnaike

The Tobi’O Show (Saturdays 9-10) brings you the latest in music, news and entertainment! The Tobi’O Show is showered with madness, enigma and GREAT music. I will also be joined by very special celebrity guests, up and coming artists and many more!

But Can You Really Handle The Tobi’O Show? 

What was your first radio memory? 

The respect i have for radio is what made me want work in this industry. I remember the power radio had over the world before modern day technology took over. When i was younger i remember my mum and aunty’s friends where gathered around a radio praying “Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over” would play, after  requesting it from the presenter. 

When the song came on they all screamed with excitement and started singing along. The joy this gave them made me realise the power music had over people and also the power presenters can have over listeners. Essentially we are the ears and mouth of the world.   

How did you first get into radio? 

I have a YouTube channel (Tobi Ogunnaike) where I used to post videos about random topics with my co-host. The show was called What’s Hot Right Noww. One of the videos I made did really well and generated over 177K views to date. 

With this exposure I was able to share my material with a well know radio station in London. The producer was keen and signed me instantly! 

What is your favourite song ever?

I don’t have one. As a singer and a presenter it is really hard to choose. However if I had to pick a theme song to my life it would be Louis Armstrong – Nobody Knows.

What three songs would you take to a Desert Island?

1) WSTRN – In2

2) Biggie – Warning 

3) Shift K3Y – Touch 

What is your ambition?

To take over the world and be the best at what i do!!!


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