Sean Trigwell

Sean Trigwell

Seán is the Apprentice on Wednesday Drive At 5 with Rebecca on Chelmsford community radio station. As well as reading the news, weather and traffic announcements, he always finds 3 topics of his choice to talk about, (mainly personal experiences, strange or technological news that his found and researched). He also presents 4pm Artistry every Saturday from 4-5pm.

“My first memory of radio was waking up every day when I was younger and listening to the radio in my sisters room. the first thing that I would hear when I woke up (apart from my mum telling me to get up), was the radio playing songs and the presenters always having something to talk about and always having a laugh.”

“I think I’m one of the very large amount of people who thought at the time, everyone was all in the studio, waiting for their turn to perform their song. it didn’t help that on certain days or occasions, they would actually have an artist or celebrity in the studio and have a chat with them, but I was slightly disheartened when I found out that all of the songs were pre-recorded.”

“It may seem strange, but I only really got into radio for nearly 1 year. It started in year 10 at school and I was trying to find a work placement for my work experience. at the time and still now, I was interested in media and I did want to do something along the lines of that for my work experience and my mum suggested I go into radio. However, teachers at my school said that no media company (radio, TV, etc.), would go near me simply because of my Autism and the fact that they would usually only take on college or university students wasn’t nice to find out either.”

“Even though I didn’t get to do anything to do with radio or media in general, I still wanted to get a feeling for radio presenting. long after my work experience, my mum came up to me after school and said I should come down to CCR and see if I could do anything to help around there, and now, I have my own show on the radio. I generally couldn’t think of any moment before that where I was so happy!”

“Picking a favourite song is extremely tough. To me, an artist called Ben Konstantinovic has made some pretty amazing compositions. his pieces “Requiem” and “The Journey” are my personal favourites. Also, any type of electronic music is always going to get me intrigued, (Dubstep, Trance, house, Drumstep etc). “To the stars” by Braken is a great piece of electronic music and “here it comes” by Pegboard nerds is simply a masterpiece in my opinion. the list of my favourites could go on and on.”

“If i had to listen to only 3 songs in a deserted place, it would be:

1: Rain by Astronaut (Stephen Walking Remix)

2: Thoughts Of You by Ben Konstantinovic

3: Sleep Walking by The Chain Gang Of 1974

(it wasn’t an easy choice).”

“Lastly, my ambition is to simply become a professional and successful Radio DJ! XD”


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  • It was wonderful to meet you guys and see (and hear) for ourselves just what an amazing job you and the CCR team of volunteers are all doing. It's great to see that England's newest City has finally got a Community Radio Station.Peter Hall, Havens Hospices

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