Sam Champness

Sam Champness

Sam has presented shows such as The Naughties Show and was one of the presenters on The Dan And Sam Show (inventive name) in the past. He has also been known to turn his hand to a bit of Rock on a Saturday!

One of Sam’s first radio memory’s was Sam’s nan , every time she went out she would leave the radio on Because she said that the burglars would think someone is in. In reality it just gave them something to sing along to while they rummaging through her stuff( told you I was right nan ) my other memory is taping the radio to catch my favourite tunes on my cassette player , good times

I was very fortunate to find myself in radio , I received a call from dan (from the dan and sam show) whom I had been friends with for years and done countless show with saying he had just been into a local radio station and they had asked if he would like a show on this fantastic new station CCR and they had also asked if there was anyone else dan knew who would like to get involved , after many failed phone calls to all his celebrity buddies (they all said no ) he settled on myself and asked if I would like to be apart of it . I immediately said yes and the rest Is history as they say, I just wish nigel ferrage had said yes to dan when dan asked him cause it could be a very different show lol

I can’t decide that , I am a massive rock fan aswell as ska and reggae and also drum and bass and house , I love classic disco and a few golden oldies aswell . So if I had to choose one from each genre I would have “cowboy song” by thin lizzy or anything by jimmi hendrix or dio  for my Rock choice as for ska I’m a massive madness fan so that would have to “madness”by madness and my favourite d and b    track has to be “girl in the fire” by pendulum

My three songs would have to be welcome to the jungle by guns and roses that would be my song for arriving on the island and settling in , my next choice would be straight out Of Compton by nwa that would be to scare off animals or Predators , they know who runs that Island by the time ice cubes and the Compton boys are done with them , and my final choice is stone cold crazy by Queen because I’m already heading that way and I think putting me on my own would just speed up the process

I’ve alwas wanted to be a stand up comedian /comic actor and this is something that I have fortunately just started to pursue due to connections in radio however I love presenting radio and have developed a real passion for it , I would love to make this my main job and make my hobbie my career


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  • It was wonderful to meet you guys and see (and hear) for ourselves just what an amazing job you and the CCR team of volunteers are all doing. It's great to see that England's newest City has finally got a Community Radio Station.Peter Hall, Havens Hospices

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