Robyn Stewart

Robyn Steward

Robyn Steward is presenter of Autism matters, a program dedicated to sharing knowledge about autism.


What was your first radio memory?

“Good question, I vaughley remember the BBC reporter coming to my play school ( with his box and mic) we always had Radio 4 on and classical fm, as a teen I listened to Broadland 102 and vibe fm I also made my own mock radio programs on a dictaphone on long car journeys.”


How did you first get into radio?

“I volunteer with the National Autistic Socity as a ambassador around the same time I started doing this a press release went out of my uni about being the recipient of the charlie Bayne travel trust I think BBC radio cambridgeshire picked up on it and had me in a few times on one of their chat shows. over time I got lots of practice, and have made a program with BBC radio 4.”


What is your favourite song ever?

“Thats a hard question, im not sure I have one

My favrouite album is dark side of the moon

songs outside of pink floyd … well I like ELO’s mr blue sky.”


What three songs would you take to a Desert Island?

1 Pink Floyd’s echo’s (because its about 23 minutes long so it wouldn’t get repetitive)

2 Avro part Spigel im spigel its a piece of music played with piano and cello its very beautiful, if you wanted a good cry or to feel calm and tranquil this would be a good choice

3 daft punk Get lucky I thought i should have something I could dance to

“I think it would depend on when I went and how long for”


What is your ambition?

“I have many but Id like to have a regular slot somewhere accessible because Id like people who are lonely to hear me and not feel so lonely as a teen in the late 90s early 00s I didn’t like radio 1s output after John Peel’s show so very late at night I often slept poorly so Id listen somtimes to radio 2 there was a presenter who used to sign off with somthing like ” and a specisl good night to you if your on your own” it was said with such sincerity and made me think of someone who perhaps had had a partner die and was up late and lonely. on my vists to BBC broadcasting house I have reflected that so much gets put out there late at night and some of the people who listen are probably very isolated, as a disabled person sometimes people are scared of my disability or misunderstand who I am I am lucky to live in london with great access to other disabled people , but as a kid I grew up in east anglia and its very different there, the expectations of disabled people are often low, I feel I have some responsibility to try and help others less fortunate then myself my life would be different had i not moved to London. lonliness is a problem for people on the autism spectrum and for non autstic people but is not often talked about , so if I could achieve keeping people company and entertained, intellectually stimulated. and not feeling so alone I think that would be really worthwhile, and maybe when i old ill be lucky enought to have someone do the same for me.”



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