Mark Willis

Mark Willis

There is a treasure trove of volunteer organisations throughout the city of Chelmsford. I like to get as many of these wonderful volunteers into the studio as I can. I am sure that music is always good, so I hope I can get your song on the air anytime you would like to call in to the studio.

I joined Chelmsford Community Radio in November 2013, shortly before CCR began the first of its live shows. The first ‘Willis Wireless’ was broadcast on Monday 20th January 2014.

Radio has been a lifelong passion of mine. I ‘nearly’ sent an audition tape to Radio Caroline in 1966. Moral of that tale is that you should always take a deep breath and actually send it!

Some decades later, (2000!), I joined Hospital Radio Chelmsford and I am still there. I love presenting radio programmes. It is a very creative thing to do. I like how everyone is passionate about producing good radio and most importantly, radio that will delight and entertain our listeners, who would otherwise be having a difficult time of it, away from their family and friends. It’s lovely we can make them smile. Being a Chelmsford Community Radio is a wonderful dream realised

Many radio stations often have no choice at all in what they play and they often cannot play songs that their listeners request. I am really happy to report that CCR presenters have a completely free choice and if you phone me I will always be happy to play your song on the show.

I love all kinds of music, Jazz, all kinds of classical music, folk, light orchestral music, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music. (I do like some very modern stuff as well, but I’m still learning!) Rock and pop, Progressive melodic Rock, like the Moody Blues, Beatles, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Barclay James Harvest as well as the Rolling Stones.

The first record I ever bought was a Jazz EP by Dave Brubeck. He was a fantastic pianist and I was taking piano lessons in the 1960’s because of him.

My most vivid music memory was listening to ‘How Glad I Am’ by Kiki Dee as I was walking by the sea at Walton On The Naze and actually seeing the Radio Caroline ship from where the record was being played. I believe it was August 1966.

Away from music and radio


I have finally bought myself a nice telescope and I am blown away by how amazing the Moon looks. I have spotted craters which are about   100 miles across. That’s from Chelmsford to Norwich!

I am going through a phase where I have been drawing more regularly and I have got better at it too!

Short stories mainly although being a mad Doctor Who fan I would love to write a top drawer Doctor Who story soon and see it on bookstore shelf too!

I’ve always loved doing things with my voice. I phoned up an American friend of mine and left a message as President Bill Clinton. I’ve done the Daleks and the Cybermen (with electronic help). It occurs to me I could record audiobooks for a living! Wow! I would love to radio plays and also commercials.

I would love to act again. (Am Dram). I have done it in the past.
Public Libraries Closing libraries is short-sighted. During these hard times public libraries are needed more than ever. Let’s get them open again!
My day job
I work at Anglia Ruskin University as an IT Support Adviser where I help students with their computer problems. A rewarding job as it’s great to be able to help students toward their degree. I retire in June 2015 – so I will be busy with the above!
To my dinner party, the 5 famous people I would invite (dead or alive) would be…
· Carl Sagan, a fantastic scientist and writer.
· Albert Einstein.
· Patrick Moore
· Christopher Hitchens
· Eddie Izzard
If I could travel in time…….
I would love to travel forward in time to a place where we have gotten over prejudice and bigotry. Where we have values that benefit everyone. I truly hope and believe we may become like the Star Trek society where self-enrichment is key and where the lust for money is over.
My ideal Holiday Destination
Santa Monica, California, I’ve paddled in the crystal clear sea there – Disneyland Park is just an hour’s drive away. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena is about 2 hour’s drive. Heaven!
My perfect Sunday
Apart from having Monday off? Walking by the sea. We’re lucky here that the sea is only an hour away from Chelmsford. Or enjoying the wonderful parks we have here in Chelmsford.


Twitter: @williswireless


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  • It was wonderful to meet you guys and see (and hear) for ourselves just what an amazing job you and the CCR team of volunteers are all doing. It's great to see that England's newest City has finally got a Community Radio Station.Peter Hall, Havens Hospices

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