Lee Shuttlewood

Lee Shuttlewood

Lee presents Off The Beaten Track on Wednesday evenings and takes Sunday breakfast off the beaten track as well with an eclectic mix of album tracks from artists and acts you may well be familiar with as well as the up and coming, and a sprinkling of local Essex talent as well.

What is your earliest radio memory?
My first radio memories are of listening to Radio Caroline at home in the late seventies, which very much accounts for some of my musical tastes today.

It is therefore quite apt that I got into radio via that very station. Having joined the ship’s restoration crew and ending up becoming the cook, I went on to keep up the station’s tradition where the cook makes it on air, and had my first show live from the 2007 Cambridge Rock festival and was given four minutes noticed to prepare.

Since then I went on to do cover before gaining a regular slot in the schedule.

However the lure of broadcasting from my (almost) home town, sorry City (I’m a Baddow Boy), and also the birthplace of radio, brought me to CCR.

What is your favourite song?
Now, an all time favourite song, a difficult thing when you have access to so many, but it would have to be Pink Floyd’s Keep talking from the Division bell album. W£hy? because it it a brilliant piece, and you can achieve so much more if you do. If people were to communicate more, perhaps the world would be a happier place.

It would also be in the three songs to take to a desert island. The other two woud have to be Karnataka’s the gathering light, and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band’s Watermellonh song, just for sheer smile raising silliness.

 What are your ambitions?

Well, my childhood ambition to be a radio presenter was realised in 2007, More recently the ambition to broadcast from radio’s birthplace came to pass also. 

When I wrote out my original CCR Bio, not really wanting to be the next big thing on national radio, I suggested a rather unlikely ambition, which was to become a forces broadcaster. So, imagine my surprise, when after some chance crossing of paths, the opportunity to present a weekly show on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) in Colchester landed in my lap, and I began there on September 11th 2014. 

So, something else needs to go onto the to do list. I’ve still no interest in trying to become the next big thing on national radio, and equally, I’m realistic enough to know my age is against me anyway on that one. But, I  would really like an opportunity to be able to make more of a career of it, and go into radio in one capacity or another on a full time basis.



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  • It was wonderful to meet you guys and see (and hear) for ourselves just what an amazing job you and the CCR team of volunteers are all doing. It's great to see that England's newest City has finally got a Community Radio Station.Peter Hall, Havens Hospices

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