James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson is the presenter for PAINTPOP PRESENTS. He is the Official Artist to the V Festival and Artist in Residence at Hylands House in Chelmsford. James has been painting, meeting, hanging out with and going on tour with the biggest stars for the past 30 years. His show is about the people he paints and the music and stories behind the paintings. He also owns the PAINTPOP auction house and has handles some of the most important Rock n Roll memorabila.

Let him know if you have any!!

What was your first radio memory?

“Like most people of my age it was listening to the Top 40 on Sunday nights on BBC radio 1
The excitement used to drive me crazy hoping that my favourite song was number one.”

How did you first get into radio?

“I’ve appeared on radio many times since I started painting and more so since I became the V Festival Artist in 2012 but this is my first presenting job.”

What is your favourite song ever?

“Wow, there are so many so I don’t think I can name one. I am really into songwriters.
Here’s a few vying for the top position”
William Topley  – Holding On
David Bowie  – Lady Grinning Soul
Elvis Presley – Long Black Limousine
Phil Collins – Against All Odds
James Morrison – 6 weeks

What three songs would you take to a Desert Island?

David Bowie  – Drive in saturday
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Elvis Presley  – Just Pretend

What is your ambition?

“To get my PAINTPOP TV SHOW!!”




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