james harrod

James Harrod

When did you get into dance music?

I was brought up in a house that loved Motown, so was always a sucker for a positive, uplifting music.  I caught the end of the acid house genre, before getting into ‘happy hardcore’ in the early 90s.  It was a short lived affair, before I was seduced by house music, big piano riffs and repetitive beats.  I DJ’d at various clubs in Nottingham in my university days, before a career in television opened up.  I still love going clubbing.

What was the first record you bought?

‘Rhythm is a Dancer‘ by Snap – on CD in Woolworths bargain basket for 99p just after Christmas 1992.  But I was bought my first album in 1986 – Five Star’s ‘Silk and Steel’ – classic stuff.

What was the first club night you attended?

TOTS, Southend – September 1995 – I don’t remember much about the night apart from getting there really early and staying until the lights came on, which in those days was 2am, and not a minute later.
What was your first memory of radio?
When I was seven, my parents gave me a hifi, a tape deck with a microphone.  I used to love spending hours hosting my own show.  Nowadays, I really envy kids who can pick up a smartphone, record a video or radio show, and get it online within seconds.  I sound old!
What was the best club you’ve been to?
Tough one.  I’ve been fortunate to have travelled quite a bit and spent a lot of time in different places.  I can’t decide, so it’s a three way tie.  Scenarium in Rio for the atmosphere, The Cross in London (sadly no longer there) for the sound, and Pacha in Ibiza for the sheer decadence.
What’s the worse club you’ve been to?
No offence to the hundreds who pile in every week, but I once stepped foot inside ‘Dick de Vigne’s’ in Southend.  Never again.
I’m a DJ – can I do a guest mix for the show?
Absolutely!  Get in touch on Twitter @CCR_Dance

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