Hal MacLean

Hal MacLean

Hal is one of the station owners, and occasionally presents shows on CCR as well. He is passionate about community radio, and believes there is a place for nearly everyone in a true community station. He also presents Friday Blues
What was your first radio memory?
Almost certainly that would be listening to Radio 1’s breakfast show and wondering why they changed presenters so often. Now I’ve done some breakfast shows I realise just how fast paced and tiring they can be! Other early memories include tuning in to Radio Caroline, and playing with short wave radios as well.
How did you first get into radio?
I’ve always had an inkling that radio would form some part of my life, but it wasn’t until 2006 when working with the BBC that it really came into focus for me. Running creativity workshops with young people brought radio very much to the fore as a means to engage people in learning using creative technologies. Having run a successful tour during 2006, it was in 2008 that I saw even more evidence that radio was a powerful medium for learners, whilst working at a college with students diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) and watching them excel at radio whilst finding other creative work very difficult indeed.
What is your favourite song ever?
That’s impossible to answer! There are so many to choose from, and different songs mean different things at different times of your life. For example, Paul Simon’s ‘Late in the Evening’ features the drumming of Steve Gadd… who is clearly part octopus – and since I play drums from time to time, I love hearing that song.
But also other music – hymns like ‘Jerusalem’ which have special meaning for lots of people, and also ‘World in Union’ which was used for a Rugby world cup theme.
As for rock and pop the list is almost endless – from Kylie Minogue to Motorhead, including Credence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple and even some Abba… I have an eclectic taste in music!
What three songs would you take to a Desert Island?
I’ve actually been on a desert island and enjoyed the peace and tranquility, so I don’t think I’d take any! But if I had to choose just three songs I would be able to listen to, I’d include Van Halen – Jump, Buggles – Video killed the radio star and probably something like Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb… although I’d not want to stay on the island for too long!
What is your ambition?
I’m past the point where a career as a radio presenter is something I think is ever going to happen, but I’d still love to do a few shows here and there. My real ambition is to see CCR grow into a viable community station giving opportunities to people keen to get on in radio themselves, and help them on the ladder into the world of radio in whatever form they choose.

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  • It was wonderful to meet you guys and see (and hear) for ourselves just what an amazing job you and the CCR team of volunteers are all doing. It's great to see that England's newest City has finally got a Community Radio Station.Peter Hall, Havens Hospices

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