Adam Barker

Adam Barker

Adam presents the funniest(!) and informative(!) Movie show on CCR. The Really Reel Show is the sort of show you get when you stick one man behind a mic and tell him to be funny whilst discussing the odd movie news. Does it work? Who knows, But surely it’s the effort that counts. Expect lots of chat about Batman to Titanic to Star Wars to Avant Garde cinema……Ok, maybe less of the latter. Adam also Produces CCR Drive at 5 as well as presenting Monday’s Drive At 5.


What was your first radio memory?

I remember back in the second world war when Vera Lynn’s “We’ll meet again” came on the radio and the way a single medium of communication could connect people was inspiring…….Sorry, that was somebody alot older’s memory. My first radio memory probably involved hearing some pop song from “Steps” or “Atomic Kitten” and thinking “I wish I could get on radio and choose my own music!”


How did you first get into radio?

Ask me in another 6 months. This is the first radio gig I have had, although I have built up a mini podcasting empire which has enabled me to talk online for years to an audience of followers without anybody telling me what to do. Now being on CCR it feels like we are the indie guys confomring to the man……..and i am more than happy to conform with CCR.


What is your favourite song ever?

I am a fan of so many different genres of music. The one song that never gets old for is Coldplay’s “Yellow” the whole build up throughout is amazing and the chorus is one I can sing over and over again.


What three songs would you take to a Desert Island?

I would take podcasts instead of music. I would need podcasts that last a good 3 hours and had human voices in them, so I could pretend they are talking to me and over the years of being on this Desert Island I could recite their conversation and get involved with the pauses. This is how I would spend my time on an Island by myself……I’d talk to the podcasts…….I don’t even care who is talking just as long they are about 3 hours long each.


What’s your ambition?

I have always wanted to be a filmmaker, but making films is too much hard work and I have gotten lazier with age. I decided early on in my 20’s that talking on podcasts was my way to stop going insane and also the way to stop myself from realising that I may never be a filmmaker like Quentin Tarrantino…….Why is life so unfair?!. Now I just want to be able to complete a rubix cube!






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